Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy an account from Transfers Agents?

Over several years in this industry, we have streamlined our account transfer process. The buyer gets the details from the owner, there are no intermediaries. Payments however are processed through us to keep both the parties safe.

Who is actually selling the account, Transfers Agents or the owner?

We buy accounts from the seller, but instead of having it transferred to us, we get it transferred to the buyer. This smoothens the process, making it quick and safe. When the transaction is being process, all three parties, the buyer, the seller and we have to be present.

Are you demographically restricted?

Of course not. We are serving clients from around the world. Transfers Agents have developed a system that helps us locate potential sellers and attract buyers, connect them both so that everyone is happy at the end.

What are the payment methods you support?

We have multiple payment options including Credit & Debt Cards, PayPal and direct wire transfers.

Are your eBay account transfers instant?

We take pride in providing quick and easy account transfers. Once your payment is confirmed, we initiate the transfer, which takes just a few hours to complete.

What if the account I get is not what I ordered?

It never happens. In fact, we have a very strict quality guarantee. If you feel that you did not get what you ordered, we will replace your account with a new one. This warranty period spans over an entire year.

Do you sell personal accounts?

No, we do not. Our goal is to help people interested in eBay to jumpstart their passion of owning a business. For this reason, we only offer business accounts.

What if my purchased account is limited? 

If you purchased an unlimited account, it will be that way. In fact, we offer a demonstration or adding hundreds of products in your account in a few minutes.

This is to ensure that you always get what you are promised.

Do you have low cost accounts available for sale?

You can choose from thousands of accounts available with us; some are very low priced while some are tagged exclusive. Most of the newly approved accounts are available at unbelievably low prices.